Turn Your Website Into A Lead Generation Machine With These Hot Tips

Lead Generation is tough!

Lead generation is constant challenge for most businesses. But it doesn’t have to be! Fortunately, you can utilise your hardest working marketing asset – your website – and turn it into a lead generation machine that sends you leads on autopilot.

Your website is your most loyal and hardest working employee. It on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and ready to greet a client at a moments notice.

Unfortunately, most websites I see are essentially a “leaky bucket”. Potential clients visit the website, have a look around, but then leave – you don’t know who they are and you have know way of contacting them.

This is where Lead Generation comes in.

By making a few changes to your site you can transform it into a lead generation platform so you never miss a potential customer again.

Include A Phone Number to Maximise Lead Generation

“Lead Generation 101” – Don’t make it hard for clients to contact you! I come across websites everyday that don’t have their phone number on their website or it is buried on internal pages and hard to find. A phone number is more than just a contact point. It demonstrates your business is open and accessible. It gives customers the comfort they need to get in touch. Put it in the head of your website so it is easy to find and on every page. Don’t make customers go hunting for it.

Post A Contact Form On EVERY Page

Post an easy to access Contact Form on EVERY PAGE of your website. This will immediately increase your leads as opposed to having it only on your contact page. This will ensure all your visitors can easily contact you no matter which page they entered on or where they are in the website. Also keep in mind that the more information or fields you include on your form, they less conversions you will have. Clients are more likely to fill out a form if they don’t have to part with their private information.

Include A CTA for Lead Generation

Tell your potential clients what to do next. Do you want them to book a call today? The say that! “BOOK A CALL TODAY”. Provide clear directions throughout your webpage with CTAs or “call to actions”. You don’t need to be subtle either. Make them big and bold. Make sure customers know exactly what you want them to do.

Showcase Happy Clients

Add testimonials and happy clients throughout your website to establish credibility and demonstrate other clients that have had success doing business with you. Add a photo of the client adds even more authenticity. On average a customer will read ten online reviews before they trust a business. Use reviews and testimonials to highlight credibility. Show people have received the results they want with your work. Make sure you utilise testimonials that reference exceptional levels of customer service.

Lead Generation and Testimonials

Use Trust Logos for Lead Generation

Incorporating trust logos will increase your lead generation and conversion rates. These logos can be industry memberships, media appearances or awards. Don’t make the mistake of believing customers don’t care about what these logos are. Logos like this add credibility and help establish a business as a trusted resource. You can also add a link to each logo to ensure customers can find more information about a particular membership or award easily.

Trust Logos helps Lead Generation

Offer an irresistible Lead Magnet

A Lead Magnet provides something valuable to a potential client that they are willing to exchange their email for. Once you have their email, you have the ability to retarget and nurture them to becoming a client. This lead magnet should solve a problem your target audience has and be transformational. But don’t overthink it! Sometimes the simplest of solutions are the most valuable. Do you have a template, checklist or advice that could help your audience with an annoying problem they have? Discovering this sweet spot is the first step in nurturing loyal clients that keep coming back to you time and time again.

Use Videos

It is hard to develop rapport with a potential customer in the online world. Videos are the closest thing to meeting a client in person and building a relationship with them. Videos give you the opportunity show your personality and communicate the experience of becoming a client.

Videos improve the interactivity level of your business website and create transparency. Videos can show users who you are and what you can offer. They can deliver messages and information in a way that is quick and easy to understand.

Speak to them directly and make it feel like a conversation instead of a lecture or piece of promotion. Ask the questions they want to know and then provide the answers.

A video can show the individuals behind a brand. Clients want to connect with real people who they can relate to. Don’t be afraid to use video to show personality while keeping things professional.

Use Strong & Emotive Language

Don’t be boring! Get them exited. Communicate the “feeling” of what it is like to do business with you. Demonstrate the transformation you can provide. Inspire them to take action.

Use language to get users excited about what you’re offering. Avoid passive language to ensure that your content is more hard-hitting and inspires action. Give them a reason to want to call or provide their email. Get them motivated to connect with a brand that is confident, inspiring and engaging.

Make Your Content More About The Customer for Lead Generation

Stop talking about yourself! Make your content less about you and more about the customer, what you can do for them and the transformation you can provide. Speak to them, to their pain, their problems and their greatest desires. This is much more powerful than simply telling them provide services.

Don’t expect customers to see your business from your perspective, discover theirs. Understand how their view of the world and build your content around THAT. Every piece of content should tell a story. Focus on the pain points and questions they have. Introduce the solution you offer and then make it easy for them to connect.

Deliver a compelling argument they can easily understand because it’s written from their perspective. A simple yet effective way to do this is to write in the second person. Address the user directly and they will feel as though they are heard by your brand. Clients are looking for a brand to transform or improve their life. You need to show how you will do this in easy to understand terms.

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of A Strong Brand

If your website looks like a grade three art project, do you think they will to do business with you over a business that values their brand?

Customers want to connect with businesses that have a proven record of success and can solve their problem quickly. You need to kill it with the first impression. Your website design is a crucial selling point. A great web design demonstrates a business is professional and successful. It’s another way to build trust with users.

You need to use your website to create a unique identity too. Don’t save money on templates that have come out of a cookie-cutter. If you look like everyone else online, this diminishes your unique selling point. You can’t give users any evidence that they can get the same service or solution from the other guy.

Build your design to reflect your business message and your brand goals.

Use Lead Generating Landing Pages

Landing Pages are designed to be stripped back versions of your website that removes all distractions to prevent a potential customer from leave the page. With landing pages, you can quickly direct users exactly where you want them.

Landing pages are TARGETED lead generation and set up specifically to promote a key area of your website or business.

Limit the links on a landing page to create a direct funnel to a specific area of your site. You should use a landing page to remove distractions and focus on one area of your brand and business. This ensures a fast and easy sale that users can immediately connect with. With landing page designs, make sure that you add images or video to sell a product or service. Make your message and your sales pitch as clear as possible and keep things looking professional. Don’t forget to add a CTA at the start and the bottom of the landing page to ensure users can easily move forward.

Blog, Blog Blog for Lead Generation

Demonstrate why you are a leader in the market place and why they should do business with you and only you. Blogging helps provide additional value and establishes your brand as a reputable name in the industry. You can use posts to provide further context to value propositions and address the pain of users.

Make sure to add thought leadership style posts to highlight why you are the head of the industry and why they should want to connect with you. High-quality content will guarantee that you are seen as a brand with authority. The more you post, the more powerful this effect becomes. You just need to make sure you maintain the right standards.

If you start posting boring posts, bland posts or posts that are inaccurate, it will diminish your ability to generate leads.

Know Your Target Audience

Have a DEEP understanding of your target audience. Know them intimately, their goals, their pain, what keeps them up at night, where they hang out, what shows they watch, who they follow. The more you know about them, the better you can speak directly to them. They need to feel as if you are the only person that can solve their problems.

This should be reflected in every post you create and every piece of content you publish. It should be apparent across every area of your business website. Think about what they want to achieve, why they found your business and what they want you to offer.

Knowledge of your audience will give you the power to tap into who they are and what they want to see. Make sure you also explore your competition to find out the mistakes they are making so that you can correct them.

Know What You Want Customers To Do next

Don’t assume a website visitor will just automatically know to call you. Planning is key when planning lead generation. You need a strategy in place of what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it. Depending on your brand and your business strategy you will have different goals. You may, for instance, want to connect with your customers by email. Or you could want to hear from them on the phone.

Regardless of the goal, you need to make this obvious to the lead on every page. Don’t expect your audience to be able to guess what you want them to do. You must provide a clear path. This will guarantee that they don’t get sidetracked or lose their way.

Install a Facebook Pixel

If you haven’t already done this, go do it right now. Having a Facebook Pixel means you can “retarget” Facebook Ads to anyone who has visited your website without contacting you or opting-in to any of your lead magnets. Lead generation GOLD!

Test & Measure Your Lead Generation

There is always going to be an amount of trial and error involved in lead generation. You will need to explore different options because even small details can impact levels of success. For instance, the colour of the link could impact whether people click as could the CTA you use, A/B testing is the best way to highlight and correct issues like this. AB testing allows you to change different points of a website. One section of the audience is shown the unaltered version while the other accesses the website with small changes. You can then view the impact this has on lead generation and determine whether to add the changes to the prime site.

Website Structure

Follow the 3 click rule when mapping out the structure of your site. A user should never be more than three clicks away from what they need. The three-click rule can be established on your site by correctly placing links and adding the right CTAs. A blog will also help ensure that your users can easily find what they are searching for.

Don’t Ask For Too Much

When you are building contact forms, you should set them to ask users for the minimum info possible. Users will always be sceptical about giving too many personal details. Ideally, contact forms should ask for the email and nothing more. Don’t give them a reason to think twice about forming a connection.

Speed It Up for Lead Generation

Finally, make sure that your site runs smoothly. A website that is slow to load sends a message about brand performance and the success of the business. The rule here is that no page on your site should take more than three seconds to load. Make sure you test your website performance on different platforms and remember, the majority of users will access your business from a mobile device.

Now go forth and turn your website into a Lead Generation MACHINE!

Best Business Books: The Ultimate Entrepreneur Book List

Best Business Books

If you’re anything like me, you’re in a constant state of learning.

And with Game of Thrones still a few weeks away and the Netflix catalogue exhausted, I have a little bit of time to fill!

Barely a day goes by that I’m not tuning into a podcast, webinar or reading up on the latest business and marketing trends from my favourite blogs and books.

I even have time blocked out time in my calendar each week specifically for “learning” activities.

Some of my greatest business learnings have been from the humble book! There is such a wealth of information out there with years of experience and knowledge at our fingertips.

So, while you’ve been a busy bee getting things done, I have compiled The Ultimate Entrepreneur Book List: 25 of the Best Business & Marketing Books to tide you over till Game of Thrones starts! Continue reading “Best Business Books: The Ultimate Entrepreneur Book List”

Addicted to Facebook? Me Too. 9 Reasons Why I Just Can’t Stop

Addicted to Facebook? Me too! 9 reasons why I think Facebook is awesome

Hello, my name is Kylie and I’m a Facebookoholic …

And you know what? That’s perfectly fine with me!

Yes, I freely admit the first thing I do before getting out of bed is … check Facebook. While I’m watching TV, I’m on my phone … checking Facebook. And when I’m working, there is a browser window open permanently so I can … check Facebook.

I may also be guilty of having my mobile handy in restaurants if I need to … check Facebook and post the obligatory “what am I having for dinner” photo.

I confess, I LOVE Facebook.

So why is hating on Facebook the new cool?

I have friends undergoing Facebook detoxes and technology free weekends. Then there’s those scaling back their usage because of privacy concerns or cancelling your account entirely because it’s the “hipster” thing to do.

Even businesses are whinging about a deliberate decrease in engagement as part of a sinister plot by Facebook to push businesses toward advertising.

Well yes and I actually have no problems with that … but let’s save that one for another post.

The things is, while the number of anti-Facebook hipsters continue to grow, my usage has only increased.

I am a Facebook addict and proud of it!

So I wanted to share with you why I think Facebook so awesome.

1. Facebook is my journal

Every post is almost like a diary entry documenting the milestones and precious moments over the years – both good and bad.

And with Facebook’s recent addition of the “This is what happened 2 years ago today” reminders, these memories are never forgotten.

Remember the controversial change to your Facebook Profile that had all your posts displayed like a historical timeline?

It kinda bombed and disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

I loved it.

As I scrolled down the page, I saw the past five years unfold before me revealing every milestone of my 4-year-old little man and all the memories in between.

But your Facebook experience is as good as the effort you put in. Make every post count. Celebrate the milestones. Share what’s important to you right at this moment.

And maybe a little less of the “look what my dog did”. Just say’n!!

2. Family is never far away

My little bro Matthew lives in Hong Kong and I live in Australia, but it really feels like he’s just around the corner.

At any given moment I know what he’s up to and never miss a single important moment in his life. And they don’t miss out on mine!

Distance is not an issue. Facebook connects our lives, so we don’t miss a thing.

And if I haven’t heard from him in a while, he is just a Facebook Message away.

3. Reconnect with old friends

My Dad was a teacher, so we moved around a bit when I was in school and there have been many friends over the years which I had lost contact with.

Back then, there were no mobile phones … or internet for that matter! (HUH, showing my age!) Long distance phone calls were costly for regular catchups, so the trusty old pen paper was really the only way to stay in contact. And that wore thin after a while.

Thanks to Facebook, I have reconnected with my childhood best friends who I hadn’t spoken to for more than 20 years. And many more friends have found me over the years.

I can chat with friends who would’ve otherwise been lost to me at a moment’s notice.

4. Organise events with ease

Forget paper invitations or ringing around to arrange a BBQ!

Just set up a Facebook event and have guests RSVP in one click. Easy peasy.

No more chasing those who couldn’t be bothered sending you an RSVP (pet peeve, raaa. Ok, so I might be guilty of it too …). Just send them a Facebook message.

5. Stay on the pulse

Facebook allows me to keep up with the latest news and entertainment – and see what real people think about it. Love it or hate it, Facebook is the biggest social platform in the world and when it says something is trending, it really is trending.

6. Become one of the tribe

I’ve gone a little crazy with Facebook Groups. They allow me to connect to people with the same interests as me. From Business to Photography, Bloggers to Thermomix Lovers, I can join communities (or tribes) of likeminded enthusiasts and get support when I need it the most.

I just love that I can ask a question and have 10 comments in 10 minutes from a collective of knowledge and experience.

7. Connect with like-minded savvy entrepreneurs

Where else can I find others as passionate about business, from all around the world – in one place?

Many of my closest business friendships have been forged on Facebook.

8. Where else am I going to find funny cat videos?!

Or talking twin babies. Or scary spider dogs.

9. Facebook is jam-packed with my future customers

You see. I’m not the only one who loves Facebook.

There are millions of people on Facebook – right now – liking pages, getting involved in groups, connecting with family, engaging with brands, sharing content and posting a selfie or two.

You need to be where you’re customers are and Facebook is where they are at!

So how can you use this to your advantage?


Want to know how to leverage the power of Social Media? Download our FREE Social Media Strategy Template and discover how to create awareness of your brand, connect with your target market and engage your audience.

I am a FIFO wife and this is our normal

I am a FIFO wife. Right now I’m living in Brisbane, QLD with my 4-year-old, while my husband lives in Mount Isa for work.

After almost a year of unemployment courtesy of a struggling mining industry, my husband took a residential job in Mount Isa. I made the tough decision to stay in Brisbane.

Our lifestyle is definitely unconventional and not for everyone. But this is our normal and we make it work.

How do we do it? Routine and structure! Google Calendar and Asana are my go to organisation tools. We don’t sweat the small stuff and focus on what’s important. Something in your life ain’t working? Find another way. I hate cooking and it just seems pointless cooking for myself. Riley’s food preferences are also pretty limited to complicate things. So HelloFresh is my new best friend (use this link and get $35 of your first box!).

And there are perks to the lifestyle! Riley and I love having breakfast with Daddy in the Qantas Club Lounge before we see him off.

So what’s your normal and how do you make it work?

August 21, 2015 // BYE BYE DADDY

{ PROJECT RILEY: Documenting the milestones and precious moments of one little man }


5 Blog Posts that changed the way I do business

It’s crazy looking back at when I first started out in business and how much I’ve grown – both personally and professionally. There’s been a lot of trial and error and many lessons learned. But also just as many wins!

I can even pin point key moments in the journey that were pivotal in my growth.

Those “aha” moments that change everything.

Some of these moments were advice from trusted mentors. Others were simply the result of stumbling across information that challenged my way of thinking.

So here are the top 5 blog posts that have had a HUGE influence on how I approach business.

Zen to Done (ZTD): The Simple Productivity System

Getting Things Done | Productivity

This seriously changed my life. Way back when I first started out, I struggled with time management and staying on top of everything. I couldn’t get my head around my workload, what to prioritise and how to maintain that ever elusive work-life balance.

I suffered from information overload and was bombarded daily with emails, phone calls, snail mail, social media notifications, meeting requests, event invitations not to mention the client projects and deadlines that I needed to also get done. And that’s not even taking into account my personal life!

I needed a system.

Enter GTD or the Getting Things Done Methodology by David Allen. It all starts with writing stuff down and getting it out of your head. It then goes into an “Inbox” for processing later or immediately assigned to a “Task List / Folder”.

Leo Babauta from Zen Habits has his own take on GTD which simplifies the system and focuses more on taking action. Check out his post here.

The 30 Minute Business Plan: Business Model Canvas Made Easy

Ditch the business plan. Paint a canvas.

So how’s that Business Plan working for you? Oh, don’t have one? Maybe, like mine, it is half baked and unfinished buried somewhere depths of your hard drive.

I say ditch the business plan and paint a canvas instead!

Introducing the Business Model Canvas. I live and breath this tool for my business. It’s the tool I refer to when I’m stuck in a rut. It’s my complete business MAPPED, from now and into the future.

If you’re looking for something practical that will actually help you think through your business, this is the answer. And here’s the best part – IT’S A ONE PAGER!

This post helped me build a long term vision for Kreatology.

How We Sell: Men vs Women

child holding a instant camera

Why do we find it so hard to ask for money? We’ve provided a service, invested our time, expertise and put our blood, sweat and tears into a client project. And yet we still feel guilty about asking to be paid!

I am even guilty of working for free or discounting my services, but why?

Denise Duffield-Thomas sums it up perfectly with this blog post. Time to be fearless about money and get paid what you’re worth!

9000 Unread Emails to Inbox Zero: My Executive Assistant Shares How We Did It


As my business has grown, so have the number of emails received each day. I was easily receiving at least 100 hundred emails a day and the reality is I wasn’t getting to them. Important emails were getting lost. Client requests sometimes took a few weeks to be responded to and as a result, customer service was suffering.

This podcast from Smart Passive Income is only a recent discovery and still a work in progress. But has already made a huge difference to my email management and response time. 

Do You Have An “Upper Limit” Problem?

little power super hero child

I see it time and time again. I’m even guilty of it myself! A business starts seeing the results of their efforts and things are going well. EXTREMELY well. All of a sudden suddenly things start to go wrong. They might get sick. Mysterious gremlins attack the computers. Excuses are rife for why they can’t move forward – too busy, personal problems, other commitments.

Self sabotage.

Without realising, we bring it all back to a level we’re comfortable with. We all have a comfort zone and unconscious ideas of how happy and successful we feel we deserve to be. And that’s ok. But time to hit that BS for six. Marie Forleo sums it up fabulously!

So that’s my list of of Blog Posts! What posts have influenced you on your entrepreneurial journey?



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7 Mad Men Quotes to Live by in Business

7 Mad Men Quotes to Live by in Business

So I am an emotional wreck this morning.

What’s happened you ask?

Mad Men. That’s what’s happened.

I am notoriously critical of season finales. They never fail to disappoint. So I was little cautious heading into last night’s Mad Men.

But, I am happy to say it was EPIC in every way. Perfect end to one of the great television shows … EVER. Pretty sure I’ll be having Mad Men withdrawals for years to come.

How fabulous is Joan Holloway?!?

My favourite character by far. She stole the finale as far as I’m concerned. Maybe it’s the fabulous shade of red hair we share or her amazing sense of style.

That aside, her fierce determination was simply inspirational.

She was the savviest person on the show, strong-minded and entrepreneurial. Bold, sassy and maybe a little complicated. She was fiercely protective of her position and family.

She handled every challenge with grace and didn’t take crap from anyone!

Whenever I’m faced with a problem in business, I ask myself “what would Joan do?”.

So here are my top 7 Mad Men Quotes to Live by in Business:

  1. “If you don’t like what is being said, then change the conversation.” – Don Draper
  2. “Sometimes when people get what they want, they realise how limited their goals were.” – Joan Holloway
  3. “You want some respect? Go out and get it for yourself.” – Don Draper
  4. “I have a life, and it only goes in one direction: forward.” – Don Draper
  5. “You want to be taken seriously? Stop dressing like a little girl.” – Joan Holloway
  6. “I’m in charge of thinking of things before people know they need them.” – Joan Holloway
  7. “Change isn’t good or bad, it simply is.” – Don Draper

Throwing a Mad Men party? Don’t be surprised if I rock up as Joan.



Want to know how to leverage the power of Social Media? Download our FREE Social Media Strategy Template and discover how to create awareness of your brand, connect with your target market and engage your audience.