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  +  Uncover your business's voice to connect with your audience

  +  The best FREE social media management tools

  +  How to measure your social media success

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Social Media & Your Business

We live in an increasingly connected world where knowledge is out our fingertips and experiences are shared around the globe at click of a button.

Technology has allowed us to find, engage and inspire people in a way that we’ve never seen before. So in a world of tech savvy consumers, the power shifts to those best able to connect.

In Australia, 65 per cent of Internet users use social media with more than 13 million people on Facebook everyday engaging with friends, family and following businesses.

Social media is the total package – a place to communicate, participate in communities and find out what’s going on in the world. It can be a source of entertainment, a place to shop as well as a vehicle for promotions and advertising.

Your customers are already online and using Social Media. It’s simply a matter of connecting with them to build brand awareness, encourage conversations and spread word about your brand.

This Social Media Strategy Template is a framework to help you develop a strategy to discover your target audience and the channels they use to foster a loyal community of brand evangelists for your business.

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